Extensions are a vital part of your Magento infrastructure. During the first couple of years following the release of Magento 2, a lot of people complained about the limited number of available extensions for the new platform. But that complaint doesn’t make sense anymore. The number of extensions compatible with Magento 2 has grown steadily […]

Hypernode is a VPS that is topped with a Magento platform and can be classified as a so-called PaaS (Platform as a Service). Hypernode can also be classified as a highly sophisticated Magento cloud platform. So what exactly sets our platform apart from other cloud solutions?

Thanks to the set-up of our Magento Cloud Platform Hypernode we have the ability to release new features and improvements on a weekly basis. This in turn benefits customer adaptability providing competitive advantages in a fast-paced Magento ecosystem. You can follow weekly changes to the platform via our Changelog and our Hypernode twitteraccount. In restrospect […]

Bad bots make up 20% of all web traffic and are everywhere, at all times—they don’t take breaks, they don’t sleep, ever unwearying looking for the next website to invade. When it comes to the attractiveness of a website though, bad bots seem to have a type. Most of bad bots look for: proprietary content […]

Magento 2 was released in 2016 and is steadily on the rise in the ever-dynamic world of international e-commerce. Testing is finished and troublesome bugs have been eradicated. Besides that, many web stores have already successfully migrated to Magento 2.