The most efficient way to develop,
manage & optimize Magento webshops.

A Hyper-what?

With Hypernode, you will get your own isolated cloud server. This server has been fully configured for Magento. The best and latest software such as Nginx, PHPFPM, Redis and MySQL are installed as standard. In addition, we offer all tools that you as a Magento developer need to work comfortably: New Relic, git, Vagrant and Magento specific tools such as ModMan, N98 Magerun, Sphinx Search and MageReport Premium to see at a glance which of your shops needs your attention. We even already arrange certain things for you. Such as optimising your images, blocking unwanted bots and protecting you against brute forces. This will be done and dusted for you.
News: Hypernode is Magento 2 ready!

Hypernode hosting vs Managed VPS hosting

Spend less time on hosting and more on building great shops.

Hypernode has been especially developed to make the technical management of web shops more efficient and to improve web shop performance in an automated manner. Technically building and managing a Magento web shop already takes up enough time. Therefore, we are making it as easy and, especially, as enjoyable as possible for you.

Hypernode Magento hosting technologie

Under the hood: Hypernode

Byte designed the Hypernode platform, allowing customers to effortlessly stay up to date with the latest hosting technology developments.

How Hypernode Magento hosting works

Isolated hosting environment

The Magento shop runs in its own isolated hosting environment. The database is integrated, so there is no network overhead. And at the same time, your environment is fully managed. This means that you do not have to be involved in maintenance and updates. After all, you have better things to do.

Made by Magento Hosting veterans

Hypernode is developed by Byte: Magento specialist with more than 7 years experience in Magento hosting. Byte relies on an extensive knowledge network of Magento experts. And it goes without saying that our platform is monitored 24/7 by an incident response team.

Continuous integration

Thanks to the 100% standardisation of the ecosystem, we can deploy automatically through our continuous integration pipeline. So no manual changes are needed. This means that we can release new tools and features in a way that is incredibly secure, controlled and fast. This also applies to security updates and fixes.

Optimized software stack

Every Hypernode uses the same high-end software. Software that ensures the best possible performance (Nginx, PHP 7, PHPFPM, Varnish 4, Redis, bot and brute force protection, etc.) and software that guarantees you can work comfortably (New Relic, Vagrant, N98 Magerun, composer, etc). So no installation costs and no time wasted on system management. And thanks to a 100% standardised ecosystem, we can release fast, securely and in a controlled manner. If necessary, for example with security bugs such as Heartbleed and Shoplift, even within an hour (!) with regard to all your shops.

Top-of-the-bill infrastructure

We do not depend on physical hardware. Instead, we use top-of-the-bill cloud providers who meet our strictest quality requirements and are flexible within this context. We currently support OpenStack, Amazon and Digital Ocean. This also means that we can focus on what we really enjoy doing and what we are good at: continuously improving the Hypernode platform. And you again benefit from this.

Collaborative development

As the Magento developer, you have the highest priority. Through the UserVoice, you have an important voice in the Hypernode roadmap. You are, therefore, the one that determines which feature we will develop and which one will be given priority. You will be in close contact with the support team, lead developers and other Hypernode users to ensure communication is easy and fast.

All the features you want

Site speed


Magento Development


MageReport Premium - Seeing at a glance which patches you still need to install in which of your shops, direct access into which settings must still be configured for the best performance, checking caches and immediately flushing; none of these features used to be available. And therefore, we produced a tool together with Magento developers in which all these features are possible: the Magento Monitor. A unique overview of the security, performance and stability of all your shops.

More than 250 Magento shops now use Hypernode technology. The achieved results
with regard to speed are amazing. A few shops that run on Hypernode:

Example of shops running on Hypernode:

What they say about Hypernode

I really want to use Hypernode for development. It works, works perfectly!

Ivan Chepurnyi
Certified Magento developer

Not having to set up a server with tools such as magerun and modman and knowing that it is being maintained makes quite a difference in terms of time. In addition, the Vagrant image is perfect for issue testing. You know for sure that you have a representative environment to reproduce issues.

Sander Mangel
Certified Magento developer

On Hypernode, the shops of our customers run significantly faster than at any other competitor's platform, and for a very attractive price as well!

Peter Jaap Blaakmeer
Certified Magento developer

Pricing & Availability

Hypernode is currently only being offered in the Netherlands by its developer, Byte. Do you live outside the Netherlands and do you want to try Hypernode? You can. Go to to request a free trial.

We are launching Hypernode outside of the Netherlands in 2018! Want to be in the know? Leave your e-mail address and you'll be the first to know.

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