A revolution in hosting that will
improve your Magento shop’s success.

What is Hypernode?

Hypernode is a unique Magento platform. Hypernode has been especially developed to have Magento web shops perform to best advantage and to make their management easier.

Hypernode is hosting+: While traditional hosting only parks your data, Hypernode crosses the border into the application tier. Hypernode gives your Magento shop a boost with regard to performance and success, with tools and features that have been specifically developed for Magento. This service is unique.

Hypernode is Magento 2 ready!

Hypernode hosting vs Managed VPS hosting

Increase your bottom line with a faster shop

Speed and stability are important trump cards to seduce visitors to go to the checkout page. Nothing is worse than a slow site. Thanks to the top-of-the-bill infrastructure and technology, your customers will be more than happy to visit again because everything always runs smoothly in your web shop.

Improve the efficiency of your developers

Hypernode has been especially developed to make the technical management of web shops more efficient and to improve web shop performance in an automated manner.

Your developer will have access to the most advanced features and the best tools that make managing and optimising your web shop a lot easier and less time consuming. Examples include the performance analysis tool New Relic, your own test environment and innumerable self-developed tools such as a well-organised dashboard in which you can see at a glance where you can still improve with regard to security and performance. This ensures that your technical administrator can focus on what is really important: making your web shop a success.

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Magento Development


MageReport Premium - Seeing at a glance which patches you still need to install in which of your shops, direct access into which settings must still be configured for the best performance, checking caches and immediately flushing; none of these features used to be available. And therefore, we produced a tool together with Magento developers in which all these features are possible: the Magento Monitor. A unique overview of the security, performance and stability of all your shops.

More than 1500 Magento shops now use Hypernode technology. The achieved results
with regard to speed are amazing. A few shops that run on Hypernode:

Example of shops running on Hypernode:

What they say about Hypernode

I think it is simply FANTASTIC. Responds fast and smoothly.

owner BagsPlaza.nl

Hypernode offers a great service. Because Magento was new to us, we encountered some issues at the beginning. Even though these issues did not fall under the responsibility of a web hoster, we got all the support we needed to solve them. From experience with other hosters, we know that this is certainly not something that is provided as standard.

Ben Stravers
owner logozonnebrillen.nl

Your website is faster than 92% of all tested websites” This is what did it for us at @tenkatetextiel with #hypernode :)

Stephan ten Kate
owner tenkatetextiel.nl

Pricing & Availability

Hypernode is currently only being offered in the Netherlands by its developer, Byte. Do you live outside the Netherlands and do you want to try Hypernode? You can. Go to Byte.nl to request a free trial.

We are launching Hypernode outside of the Netherlands in 2018! Want to be in the know? Leave your email address and you'll be the first to know.

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